dexton.online is the first decentralized crypto exchange in TON blockchain.

The TON blockchain ecosystem contains grams, built-in extra currencies, custom workchains, as well as TRC20 tokens.

dexton.online supports the exchange of all these assets.


Key features

Fully decentralized

Managed by smart contract.

Open Source

All code published on GitHub.


Transactions are fast and consume minimum fees.


No one can block you funds.
No deposit and registration required.

Exchange all

Supported: grams, built-in extra currencies, TRC20 tokens.

User Friendly

Convenient applications with user interface are created on top of the smart contract

App Screen

Chat Bot

We have created a simple and easy to use bot for Telegram Messenger.

Why Use Chat Bot?

Always at hand

No need to download anything.

Universal and Interactive

Works on any platform where Telegram works: iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Unix, Web.

High availability

The exchange website may be blocked,
Telegram uses a proxy and is more accessible.

Web Platform

Introducing DEXTON PRO Tools

We designed the DEXTON PRO for traders and professional users of the exchange.

TRC20 Tokens


You probably know the Ethereum ERC20 tokens. They were used in 99% of Ethereum ICO.

We developed TRC20 tokens for TON blockchain.

GitHub Repo

Same interface

TRC20 tokens have the same interface as Ethereum ERC20 tokens.

This allows developers to easily migrate to TON.

Keeping compatibility, we made improvements at the same time.


Unlike ERC20, you will not lose TRC20 tokens if you send them to a contract that does not support tokens.


We also fixed some security problems of ERC20, for example, an Attack Vector on Approve/TransferFrom Methods.

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

From the contest submission to the top product.

Dec 2019 Beginning
  • The first versions of the smart contract and bot were created for the Telegram Blockchain Contest.
Mar 2020 Improvements
  • Big improvements of smart contract and chat bot.
  • Website and promo launched.
  • Winning the final of Telegram Blockchain Contest.
Q2 2020 DEXTON PRO Tools
  • Development of web platform for professional traders.
  • Smart contract updates: partial trades, optimization, etc.
Q3/Q4 2020 Launch
  • Beta testing.
  • Launch in TON mainnet.